Promoting diversity, Events and campaign, Workshops

Respect Workshops are anti-racism and anti-bullying workshops for youth sports clubs and schools with the aim to develop the participants sensibilities towards racism and bullying and to strengthen their abilities to combat those in their environment.

Respect events are Grassroots Sports Tournaments, PicNics, Cultural Events and similar, aimed to bring different communities together and to reduce prejudice. For example the annual ´Respect Pride´ football tournament which brings together the LGTB community, immigrant and Muslim community in Finland and the annual ´Football for Peace´ tournament, which is played between different communities, as for example the Finnish Muslim and Jewish communities.

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We distribute  captains RESPECT armbands to football teams in Finland and with role models for RESPECT in our campaign. In the photos are Sinead o´ Connor, Musta Barbaari and European body building champion Ljuba Pantovic as examples.

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The wristbands are used in our anti-bullying and anti-racism workshops at schools and youth centers. We have a program where young people get encouraged to act and speak up and for interesting contributions we hand them a RESPECT-armband. We make sure that by the end of a workshop every participant has got an armband. We then declare the class or group to be a `RESPECT-class` and all put our hands on top of each others and make a RESPECT-vow, which gets documented in a photo.


One part of the Respect Activities is the Annual RESPECT - PRIDE Football Tournament. Created by Liikkukaa - Sports For All, TUL and HOT Ry. The aim of the tournament is to bring the LGBTQ+, the Refugee and the Migrant communities together and to promote mutual RESPECT. Two times African player of the year, Mrs Cynthia Uwak is chairing the campaign.