Online Courses


Diversity Management Basics

What you'll learn

  • Complete overview in order to understand diversity, be able to work with diversity, gain personal growth and social and management skills. Recognise and embrace yourself and others as part of diversity.


  • Find out how diversity works, how to successfully build a diverse organisation, how municipalities should be structured and how you can deal with crisis. Gain personal growth through challenging your own implicit bias and get ready to participate in the topics discussed today. Recognise and embrace yourself and others as part of diversity. We have used our combined experience of over forty years in business, NGO´s and Diversity Training in order to create the best possible course for you. We encourage you to take steps and action after every section and will go every step with you towards becoming a person who fits in with the world of tomorrow.


Intercultural Communication for Sports Managers

What you'll learn

  • Succeed in international Sports

  • Gain Social Relevance and Sustainability for your club and organisation


In order to succeed in the international and intercultural world of sports, you need to take this course. It will turn you into one of the top experts and actors in the field.  This course is based on our long term experience in sports, business and intercultural engagement. Sports is an international language, this is often said. Sports managers need to navigate in an intercultural and diverse field. Recruiting athletes, gaining relevance through community engagement and finding new fan groups are crucial. Crisis need to be avoided and to be embraced as opportunities for growth. The media and sponsor landscape is changing due to technological development and are becoming more value driven. This course goes through all the stages in order to get you fit for todays and tomorrows sports world; Communicating internationally, recruiting and integrating athletes, dealing with politics and media, connecting with fans and communities, gaining social relevance and developing your personal skill set.

Who this course is for:

  • Sports Managers, Sports and Business Students

  • Sports Journalists, Athletes